old hurts in a young person

Dear God,

There’s a young person in my life who is really hurting right now.  In the past, he’s gone through more than I could imagine and way more than I’ve ever had to handle.  Right now he’s going through some stuff that’s familiar to me – hurt related to a broken relationship, caring for someone who doesn’t care the same way, worrying and feeling hurt about people having a false conception of who I am and wanting them to just like me for the truth of who I am not some lie, feeling like dirt and like no one cares.

You know what I dealt with.  You know what he’s dealing with.  You know the truth of who we both are more than anyone in the world.  Reveal to him what you see so he can know how much you truly love him, how no matter what anyone thinks of him – true or false – he is truly a child of God, precious to you with a future full of goodness that you will provide.

And as for all that he has gone through in the past, you will be the one to judge those who have hurt him in so many ways.  Strengthen him for the journey, strengthen him against the memories of those things which drag him into darkness.  Shine your light into his life so that he can see how you are with him now and you were hurt with him then and most importantly that you will be with him through all that is to come, shining your light.

It’s breaking my heart, dear God, to see this young person so hurt.

But also, thank you for the ways in which you have helped me heal from those old hurts of my own, small as they were in comparison to his old hurts.  I wish I could say that I’m never down, that I never feel twinges or pangs of that same sadness and lowness, but I know (and you know) that I have come a long way.  A long, long way.  And I am so grateful that I have grown not just in my body but in my understanding.  Knowing you better has helped me to know myself better and vice versa.  Help me never to forget these lessons, these truths of who I am, who you are, and who I am in you.



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