I’m a pastor, and yet I have struggled with prayer all my life.  I want to be a journal-keeper, but I hardly ever tote around a journal and almost always have my computer with me.  So here are some prayers of mine.  They should probably be more frequent, and I do fall into conversation with God more than this… sort of.  I’m not just talking about the times I slip and shout “JEE-SUS” after running into the table corner in the same spot I’m already bruised and that kind of thing.

I used to think prayer had to look or sound a particular way.  I used to think my prayers would never be good enough and so I might as well stop – God would be able to read my heart better than the bumbling way I was messing up praying for myself, my loved ones, and the world, it seemed.

This is me trying to share my struggle.  This is me trying to help others feel like they don’t have to worry about what they say.  This is me trying to communicate on several levels.  This is me praying.

Dear God,
I hope you’re listening.


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